As a first-generation immigrant and single mother of two, I saw the United States as a place to chase my dreams and further educate myself to thrive in my career. With the mindset of wanting to keep working and growing, I saw a common problem in my industry that made me think about my surroundings. I was getting older and working at organizations where most people were younger, and I wanted to look more youthful to fit into the environment. There are so many strong women, CEOs, leaders, and creators out there who are in the same boat as me and want to be active while looking their best. This awareness helped drive my vision in the creation of these products. 

Having worked for more than 20 years with global beauty companies and startups, designing brands, and developing products and creative strategies I was empowered to work on a SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE 
skincare brand targeted towards women that want to correct errors from their skin's past, look youthful at present, and protect its future. I wanted to create minimal and multi-functional products that work as essential supplements for the skin - treating it and renewing its health. Products that deliver more than one skin benefit and deliver broad-spectrum results with antioxidant protection, hydration, radiance & skin clarity.




GO Beauty is for anyone looking to maintain youthful-looking, well-aging skin throughout their life. It is an innovative, prestige skincare line of high-impact treatment products that combine the most technologically advanced elements of science and nature without sacrificing safety, ethics, and gentleness.